Bent Martini, new CEO in Havila Voyages


Bent Martini is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Havila Voyages. He will start working for the company in August.

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Havila ship in Lofoten with the beautiful Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.

New delivery date for the ships

Ship launch of Havila Capella and Havila Castor

The first two Havila Voyages ships have been launched

Main restaurant with red chairs and people.

Havila Voyages fitted with Norwegian furnitures

Gunnar Hvarnes, photo: Tom Haga

From Olympic gold to Havila Voyages

Illustration of a Havila vessel in Geiranger.

Sail the norwegian fjords the green way

Per Sævik with his grandchildren.  Photo: Arne Flatin/NRK

The grandchildren gave names to the ships