Four ships at sea

Launch. Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris

Havila Capella is on her first tour along the Norwegian coast at the same timeas ship three and four were launched at the shipyard in Turkey. Havila Kystruten has four ships at sea.

The 12.12.21 was a historic day for Havila Kystruten when Havila Capellaembarked on a maiden voyage and became the first new ship on the coastal routebetween Bergen and Kirkenes in eighteen years.

• Now a new milestone has been reached; all four new ships for the company havecome to sea," says Bent Martini, CEO of Havila KystrutenHavila Capella is operating. The next ship, Havila Castor, is scheduled todepart from Bergen on 7 April. Thereafter ship three and four, Havila Polarisand Havila Pollux are following.

• We also see now that ship three and four are more finished at launch thanHavila Capella and Havila Castor were. This means that delivery and start-up areplanned for the summer

Greener ships

All four ships have the same design and technology, and Havila Kystruten hasspent around NOK 500 million to make the ships environmentally friendly. Amongother things, the ships have the world's largest battery pack for passengerships, The weigh is 86 tons, and the capacity is 6.1 megawatt hours.

• With these batteries we can sail four hours without noise and emissionsthrough world heritage fjords and vulnerable nature. We will create greatexperiences with small climate footprints

Pleasant welcome along the coast

Havila Capella is now on her very first voyage along the Norwegian coast.

• The corona pandemic means that we can only have small markings and meetingswith port authorities and municipalities along the coast, but we face greatgoodwill and positive interest. It is also gratifying to see many who show up towelcome us.

Bent Martini says he looks forward to getting all four ships into traffic alongthe coast and that the pandemic outbreak goes down, so that Havila Kystruten can welcome the public on board to look at the new ships

• Those who are travelling with us now give a lot of good feedback on afantastic crew, on the ship, interiors, cabins, food and not least the manyareas with good chairs and large windows where they can enjoy the view to theNorwegian coast. We want even more people to see and experience this.

Havila Polaris
Havila Capella. Photo: Per Eide
Havila Capella launch campaign with ribbon

Havila Voyages

  • Havila Voyages is a Norwegian shipping company with headquarters in Fosnavåg on Sunnmøre
  • Havila Voyages has an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to operate four of the eleven ships that sail the classic coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes until 2030.
  • Havila Voyages is building four new ships that will be the most environmentally friendly passenger ships along the coast with, among other things, the world's largest battery packs on board.

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