Postpones first round voyage

Havila Capella
On the 24th November Havila Capella arrived in Bergen harbour as the first of the four new coastal cruise ships on the Classic Coastal Route, but the date for the first round trip must unfortunately be postponed to 12 December. Additionally ship number two is also delayed from the yard.

The first round voyage for Havila Capella has been planned for 1 December, but challenges such as a delayed departure from the yard, harsh weather conditions on the voyage home and an extra bunkering means that there is unfortunately too little time to make the ship and crew ready for the scheduled date.

CEO of Havila Voyages, Bent Martini, says the schedule was initially tight because of the aim to get into traffic as fast as possible.

“There are many who have been waiting for us. Therefore, we could not plan to have any spare time prior to the first departure. But due to the challenges that faced us from delivery to our arrival in Norway, we finally had no choice but to postpone the first departure until December 12. It is important to us to give travellers a good experience on our first sailing. We are truly sorry to have disappointed both people along the coast and passengers who had booked a trip on 1 December."

Coastal route history

Despite the postponement, Martini says that it is also good to have the first coastal express ship to Norway and in port in Bergen. 

"It will be great for us at Havila Voyages to start sailing the original coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes. But we also know that it is a big responsibility we have taken on, so it is with both awe and humility that we take the step into the coastal route history and become part of the original route for people along the Norwegian coast."

He says the coastal express routes and ships on the Bergen-Kirkenes stretch have been - and still are - an important part of everyday life for people and businesses along the coast.- And we look forward to offering new, safe and eco-friendly ships that will provide good service to both travellers and those who will transport goods.

Havila Castor

Unfortunately, the construction yard in Turkey also reports delays on the second ship, Havila Castor. First sailing is set to 7 April 2022. The yard explains the delays with, among other things, increased challenges associated with Covid-19 both in Turkey and at the yard.

Havila ship sailing through narrow fjord with steep stony sides and some green vegetation.

Havila Voyages

  • Havila Voyages is a Norwegian shipping company with headquarters in Fosnavåg on Sunnmøre
  • Havila Voyages has an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to operate four of the eleven ships that sail the classic coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes until 2030.
  • Havila Voyages is building four new ships that will be the most environmentally friendly passenger ships along the coast with, among other things, the world's largest battery packs on board.