New sailing dates for Havila Capella and Havila Castor

Havila Capella painted in dock.

Following challenges at the yard and the company’s expectations for delivery of Havila Capella and Havila Castor, the company now plans the first sailing with Havila Capella between Bergen and Kirkenes to depart from Bergen on 26 September 2021.

There are still some uncertainties around the final date of delivery. When delivery has taken place, Havila Capella will sail to Norway.  Following arrival in Norway it will take time to get the necessary certification and to prepare the vessel for welcoming passengers to the inaugural sailing.

The company strongly regrets the inconvenience such delay causes for the passengers that have already made their reservations for affected departures. The delays are due to increased Covid-19 outbreaks in Turkey earlier this year together with Norwegian travel restrictions and quarantine regulations.

The company will do its best to inform the passengers and the population along the coast about any changes as soon as possible.  Uncertainty regarding the first departure will be clarified at the latest around 1st September. At that time the company expects to be able to inform about anticipated time of delivery of ship number two, Havila Castor, which now lies approximately 6 til 8 weeks after Havila Capella.